ADD be damned (Org. Date 4/11/12)

Published August 11, 2012 by meganbiddle

Let me just say that ADD sucks….period. My issue with ADD/ADHD in kids is that I think it is over diagnosed. So many times it seems like parents want their kid to behave and so they ask doc to medicate them, when, in fact all that is needed is parenting. Parenting…are we aware in this social media, instant gratification world that we live in what parenting is any more. Turn off the TV, put down the cell phone, and throw a ball with your kid. Play Candy Land (do they make that anymore?) do something….please!

Now let’s discuss Adult ADD…I think it is way worse than the kid version because it effects everything, your marriage, your job, school. Do we need to keep putting more chemicals in our bodies? Do I have this condition because I am just spread too thin? Do I have it because my parents couldn’t afford Candy Land and I never got the chance to play? I don’t know, but it really sucks. It is difficult at best to focus, and I have more than one planner with the same info written in it. It is unlikely I will forget your birthday, but I am likely to get distracted by something in Target and forget to buy you a card. I hope you will still love me in the morning!


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