Confessions of a Fat Girl…You may not steal my Joy!

Published August 13, 2012 by meganbiddle

I went to the gym today. I have been going almost daily now for the last three weeks. I am at that point where I need to go. I don’t feel like my day is finished unless I been to sweat. I can’t tell you the last time I showered at home. One morning I woke up at 4:15 and decided that since I was awake I would just go ahead and get up and go to the gym, so I did. Sorry, ADD moment there….back to my story. I was changing into my work out clothes and this woman in the locker room says to me, “I admire fat girls like you that think they can loose weight.” Seriously? Why would you say that to someone, and a person you have never met before in your life for that matter? What right do you have to say things like that to people? I had already weighed in and found out I had hit the 25 pound mark, and so I sent a text to a friend about what this woman had said to me. I mentioned the weight loss, and how 25 pounds is no small potatoes.

After my work out,I passed the scale again and got in the shower. It was in the shower where I realized what I was doing. I was letting this woman steal my joy! How dare she! How dare I let her! I am sure she has no idea what it feels like to be fat. I am sure she does not know what it is like for people to make fun of you. I am sure she does not know what it feels like to have gum thrown in her hair, or vulgar pictures put on your desk at school. I am sure she doesn’t know what it feels like to hide in the bathroom because the teasing won’t stop, but I do. In the grand scheme of things, 25 pounds may not seem like much to you, but for me it is a victory for me, and I am letting her take it from me.

At this point, I am fixing my breakfast for the next morning the night before. It consists of protein. Lunch is protein and a salad. Dinner is protein, veggie, and a small bit of carbs. I snack on frozen fruit and string cheese. I have cut my coffee consumption in half, and increased my water intake.

Despite my bruises, pulled muscles, and all the physical pain I have caused myself since May, it has all been worth it. I look forward to seeing how many more ways I can injure myself and lose even more weight???

-25 pounds down, bunches to go


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