Confessions of a fat girl….locker room chat

Published August 21, 2012 by meganbiddle

Well, I did not see this one coming. Monday….sweat, bike, run, add squats (but after the third day in a row I will admit I like them a lot) and weigh in day. So for the record, I am at minus 27 pounds. I am not sure the weight (pardon the pun) of what I am doing to my body has quite sunk in yet. I realize I have been serious about this for the last three months, which is far longer than my usual attention span, and really I can’t explain what the motivation is, but I keep going.

Back to my story. I enter the ladies locker room, all sweaty and gross (code for, excellent work out grasshopper) and I hear, “How did you beat me here today?” I look to my right and there is a woman that I have seen at the gym many times before but other then just saying hello, we have never held a conversation. Today, she is Chatty Cathy. She apparently just needs to cleanse her soul and just pours out her entire life story upon me while I stand in the locker room, a bit dumbfounded. Let me just say, this is not the first time something like this has happened to me. It happens quite frequently actually. I don’t know if there is something about me that people just trust, or what, but people tend to spill their guts around me. I don’t mind, except when I am sweaty in the locker room. At least I think I don’t mind. Does that mean something is wrong with me that I don’t seem to mind that complete strangers confess intimate details about their life to me. (Megan-ism here folks, life of the over-thinker….just go with it. It’s fine.)

So locker room girl, goes on to tell me about her boyfriend that she lives with, but only because he helps her with her homework and apparently college is quite difficult. She isn’t going to marry him, but she is going to stay with him at least one more year, because she isn’t sure she will make it through microbiology without him. Am I married? Would I ever consider divorce? When do you stop loving your spouse? She used to be anorexic! Apparently, locker room girl is now in my life for a reason.


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