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People Change

Published January 13, 2013 by meganbiddle

Sunrise At Galilee

People do change; not very frequently, but every now and again something so profound touches a person’s life that they can no longer remain who they were. I am one of those people. The person who I previously thought that I was, no longer applies. On December 28, 2012 she boarded a plane for Israel, and she allowed herself to be immersed in a country. She forgot to be afraid of everything, and so she hiked the Wadis and the Tels, swam in the Dead Sea, and went exploring in the torrential rain. She made new friends. She let someone in her life; when he asked her what was wrong and actually wanted an answer, she gave him one.

What comes next? I haven’t a clue. I keep moving forward, but I am forever unpacking my journey to the Land we call “Holy.”