Just Emptying my Brain….No Worries!

Published June 29, 2014 by meganbiddle

Well, it’s been a bit since I did the blog thing.  I find that I tend to get myself in trouble if I really speak what is on my mind, and so I edit myself instead.  I wonder things like, I wonder what the Bible really said before all those scribal errors.  If they would have only had an eraser or white out, but no.  

While I am speaking the edited things on my mind, I will mention that the call process for my denomination is exhausting.  Someone once said that what a pulpit committee was really looking for was a 25 year old with ten years of ministry experience.  I believe that is pretty close to accurate.  Perhaps you feel like a puppet on a string, dance monkey dance.  Or maybe it feels like a horse race, but the winner isn’t the one who crosses the finish line first, instead, the winner is the one who has the most points at the end.  Highly educated…check, fantastic sermon…..check, is everything a church could want in a pastor, including innovative ideas, plan for church growth, and a family that looks like they  belong on a greeting card….well, I got two of them right.  It’s hard, auditioning for a job and trying to listen to the still small voice in the process.  You just hope that you get it right, and that finally, eventually a church will call you to full time ministry.  Until that day, I wait.  I wait because there is nothing else that I can do.  I can snap my fingers and make it happen.  I can’t click my heals together and have everything turn out fantastic, just like Dorothy (Although I do believe I can totally rock those ruby slippers of hers) Take a deep breath and jump, and hopefully there will be water in the pool, or someone very strong to catch you.  Here’s to the adventure, whatever God has in store.  Here’s to patience, secretly hoping the church does not like the candidate at all this weekend, because I really want to be their pastor, but at the same time, wanting the best person for the job.  All I can do is pray that I am that person.  


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